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Active RFID, Passive LF/HF RFID and Passive UHF RFID all have their own unique standards governing their associated products.

 RFID use is regulated by global standards. For instance the UHF standard is called EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 V1, or just Gen 2. UHF Gen 2 defines the communications protocol for a passive backscatter. 

EPCglobal certification testing includes conformance testing, which ensures that RFID products are compliant with the UHF Gen2 Standards, and interoperability testing, which makes sure that all aspects of the tag reader interface are properly designed to interoperate seamlessly with other Gen 2 certified products.

While most passive RFID tags use the energy from the RFID reader, Active (BAP) tags use an integrated power source, usually a battery, to power. This mean all of the captured energy from the reader can be used for backscatter. Unlike transponders, BAP tags do not have their own transmitters.

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